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CPRColorado Basic CPR / AED and First Aid Certification Training – Blended

CPRColorado BLS Certification Training – Blended

If you need American Heart Association BLS - Blended please click HERE

Short Overview

These Blended courses are a combination of individual online computer study followed by a 45 minute skill session with a certified instructor. Our  CPR/AED/First Aid certification classes are intended for bystanders who work in education, child care, assisted living, industrial, construction trades, the health and fitness industries and other non-medical personnel who are required to have CPR certification.  The CPRColorado BLS course is intended for those fields that need a Basic Life Support certification, but are not required to hold an American Heart Association Certification.  If you need AHA certification click HERE.


The CPRColorado CPR/AED/First Aid Blended course provides a two year certification for those wanting or needing the most up to date training in CPR, AED and First aid. This class meets OSHA requirements per 1910.151 and is approved by the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care. 

The CPRColorado BLS Blended course is more advanced and meets all Basic Life Support provider requirements.  This course also provides a two year certification.  Some employers require the American Heart Association curriculum, so please check with your employer about your specific requirements.

The CPRColorado Blended courses use a unique Access Portal to provide entry to the courses.   Your Blended Online Course Access Portal allows the student full use of the online course, book, videos, and test.  To enroll and get a Username and Password for your Blended Online Access Portal, you need to call Dave at 303-818-3737.  This access portal login is only for students taking a Blended Course. The student should sign up and pay for a Blended course by phone. Our system will be automated in the future, but for now, call/text Dave at 303-818-3737.  After the student registers and pays by phone, they will receive information and a link to an Access Portal to complete the online portion of the Blended course.  Students typically complete the course materials in 2 ½ to 3 hours. On successful completion of the written test, a screen will be provided to the student indicating that the student is ready to complete the skills portion of the course.  The course completion page/screen shot must be presented to the instructor at the skills session.  The student will select a date on the regular Registration Page to schedule a skills session to complete part 2 of the certification.  The Skill Session will be at no additional charge if you have taken the CPRColorado Blended Course.  You will receive a promo code upon completion of the online portion of your course.  The student may also call, email, or text to determine if special scheduling is available for the Skills session.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum covers all required material for certification as listed in the newest guidelines from Emergency Cardiovascular Care and the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation. Both organizations set recommended standards for care.

Course content includes:

  • High-quality CPR for adults, children, and infants
  • Use of an AED
  • Relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for adults and infants
  • BLS includes more advanced provider instruction

Course Length: Online portion 3 hours
Required Skills Session: 45 minutes

Call/text or email for further instructions on how to access this course.
303-818-3737 call/text [email protected]